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Mondello is one of the most beautiful famous and renowned tourist and sea resorts, of Sicily and of Italy. In the suburbs of Palermo, it is one of those destinations that are full of tourists visitors and bathers during summer,  as well as of Palermo’s citizens, as here, there is what everybody calls the " official beach " of Palermo.

Mondello beach is a true paradise for those who love the sun,  the sea and the sunbathing. White and fine sand beaches and crystal clear sea are its strong points, besides the beautiful and charming landscape. The beach in fact is located between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo and it overlooks a bay whose waters are clear, with shades that go from emerald green to turquoise.

In the above-mentioned Monte Pellegrino there also is a nature reserve that covers an area of more than​​1000 hectares. This area hosts a rich fauna and a wide stretch of Mediterranean Scrub, it hosts the Parco della Favorita, Palermo's green lung, and it is seat of the very important Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia, patron saint of Palermo,  a place of worship and a destination for tourists and faithful.
However, Mondello is not just that.

The beautiful natural reserve of Capo Gallo is also worth a visit. One of its three entrances is in  Mondello. Here it is the biodiversity who bosses the show: in fact, flora and fauna coexist in a harmonious way, and here are protected rare endangered species.

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